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Kelate 4life is on a mission to help you support your health through science-backed products. Our products are designed to support the body’s detoxification, circulation and heart health.

Heavy Metals: Threat to Our Health  

Wherever you are, heavy metals are around.  It may sound troublesome, yes, they pose a constant threat to your health.  They are ever-present in things we come into contact with every day, in aluminum cans, aluminum foil, batteries, metal cookware, old paint, you name it.

When your body absorbs these toxins, they build up inside, often causing toxicity signs and symptoms leading to disease and illness. 

Kelate 4Life: Your Chelating Support 

“According to the World Health Organization, 31% of the cardiovascular disease burden in the world could be avoided if we could eliminate environmental pollutants.”

But if it has already built up inside your body, chelation therapy may be the answer. It is a treatment used for heavy metal poisoning.  Chelation means “to grab” or “to bind.” 

EDTA, is one of the most common chelating agents used in chelation therapy. It can help remove substances such as lead, iron, copper, and calcium from the blood, alleviating stress on your arteries.

Some health professionals have also used chelation therapy to treat atherosclerosis and/or coronary artery disease. 

EDTA  binds to calcium found in plaque, which helps to loosen and then “cleans out” the calcium deposits from the arteries, reducing the risk of heart problems.

Even so, some health care providers are a proponent of this treatment. 

Now, Kelate 4Life is here to provide you products that feature EDTA, a chelating agent that eliminates buildup substances that clogs arteries. 

Look at the illustration. On the left, is an artery narrowed by plaque. While on the other side is a normal artery in which there’s healthy blood flow. 

Heavy metals can pile up, clogging or blocking arteries that stop fresh blood from reaching parts of your body. This can put you at risk of a heart attack, heart failure, or stroke.

Because of these dangers, it is important to be aware, no matter how old you are, of how environmental pollutants and lifestyle can pose a threat to your health. 

Kelate 4Life’s amazing benefits…

  • Restores blood flow
  • Helps reverse atherosclerosis
  • Supports lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Helps to prevent heart attacks and strokes